Cholesterol-Lowering Plant Sterols

Low Sodium

NON-GMO Ingredients

Heart Healthy Whole Grain Rolled Oats

  • I've been snacking on a variety of Corazonas Heartbars now for 4 months. I just had blood work done and my Cholesterol dropped 2 points & more amazing my Triglycerides dropped 21 points in a 6 month span. I have been immobile with knee issues so at this time I totally credit these Heartbars for these results. Incredible...and they taste great. Amazing results!
    - Bonnie S.
  • These and the apple cinnamon are my husbands favorite. We, our whole family, loves ALL the flavors, but each of us have our favorite. The banana walnut are especially tasty because they have the nuts in them. These Heart Bars go everywhere with us, so if we get hungry, or miss lunch, or whatever reason, we have a healthy, tasty, ready to eat snack.
    - Karel H.
  • All of your products have become an important piece of my weight loss plan. Either Apple Cinnamon or Blue Berry for breakfast and Chocolate Chip or Dark Chocolate Cherry as my after dinner treat. They taste delicious and are good for me. Keep making them this good and I will buy them the rest of my life.
    - Guest

What's in a Corazonas® HEARTBAR™?